Android Development Services | Development Services

Android Development Services | Development Services

Professional Android Development Services

Devs Beta employs a team of skilled and experienced android developers. We will create an android app with a user-friendly interface and fast performance. We will create customized, innovative and creative android solutions for you. We will develop new android applications; upgrade old ones to meet changing software specifications or modify obsolete applications to reuse it in another form. Everything from user interface design to back-end development will be taken of care by us.

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Custom Android applications:

Our team of developers will create custom android applications for you. No matter what niche you are targeting, our developers will create an app that will fully satisfy you. Businesses of all sizes can employ our services.    

UI / UX Design:

Our designers will create a great and seamless UI / UX design for your android app. The design will maximize the user experience. A user-friendly design will help your android to make most of its features and functions. An easy to operate and browse design will increase user satisfaction. 

Front-end and Back-end Development:

Our team of talented and skilled developers will create a customized android application for you by employing popular methodologies of the industry. All of our developers are experienced with the latest android development technologies. They will help you create an application which meets current software requirements. Both front-end development and back-end development will be taken care of by our team of developers.  

Third-party services Integration:

 Third-party services Integration makes it easy to use android apps. Incorporation of such services will increase customer satisfaction as they will find a platform or components of a platform with which users are familiar. Third-party services include the likes of Facebook or Google login API that will make logging into the application easier and convenient for the user. A wide variety of Third-party APIs is available for integration, consisting of both free and paid options.   


After its development, an android app needs to be rigorously tested to ensure that no errors or bugs are present. Our Application Testers will thoroughly review the application, monitor its working and make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Maintenance and Support:

After deployment, an android application needs constant maintenance and support to meet changing software specifications and user demands. Continuous improvement is made in the application according to user reviews or client needs. Our team will provide you with constant support and upkeep for your android application.

Web-based applications:

We are also developing web-based applications for online stores, businesses or websites. We will help convert your website to an attractive looking android application. Web-based applications have more features and provide mobility solutions.


Enterprise Applications:

If you want to increase the productivity of your business, then enterprise application is a perfect option for you. We will develop functional and practical applications for your enterprise. After monitoring your firm’s daily operations and observing its inner workings, we will create an app for you. Professional Android Development Services application will automate most of your firm’s tasks, increase productivity and streamline business processes.

Google Play Store Development:

After its development, we will help you successfully deploy your android application to Google play store platform. We will successfully publish your Android app in the Google play store.  

Why Us?

Our software firm has been providing android development solutions for a long time. We have a vast amount of experience in this field. All of our services are cost-effective. We offer great value at less cost. We develop our applications to exceed user expectations. Our user-friendly UI design makes our applications more customizable. If you want competent android development services, then hire our software firm. 


In Devsbeta we always compete with technology,  we have skilled employees that provide you a solution for your business on android platform. we will create an app that fulfills all your all the needs you want to achieve your customer requirements in an android application. We not only create applications but modify them also upgrade them.many of your competitors have android application of their businesses, compete with them and have an android application with us to compete with them. You can keep in touch with your client. Expand your business with our services


At our company we create android apps from scratch, we can create a beautiful design with UI/UX design for your android app. The design will help you to create an interaction between you and your application. Easy to operate interface will increase user interaction.

Front End, Back End Development:

With our team, we will create an application with the design you like.we will create a customized application for you. they will create front end development with back end development. With the front end, our team can create a beautiful design for your application. With the back end, we can offer you add functionality in your application that you want for your business or custom made application. Our employees can develop a different kind of application for you like

1. Custom Android App Development

Devsbeta supplies to develop an application with the user's requirement, we will provide you an opportunity to having an app with your define functionality or requirements.

 2. Android Game Development

Our designing and android app developing teamwork together and create a perfect game for you.

3. Social Media Android App Development

Want a social media platform just like Facebook or Instagram only for your business, or for your own brand. Well, our team’s expertise will help you to make a unique application for you. that will help you to fulfill all the needs of your users.

4. Media Sharing Apps:

Want a solution for media sharing among the mobile operating system, well we have a solution for. Just tells the requirements.


Our expert team can upgrade your android application funcionalty with your choice. We can add more features to the application according to your business or user needs like

  • Alternative keyboard:
  • No-touch control
  • Automation
  • Storge and battery swap
  • Widgets
  • Search feature
  • Responsive app design
  • Social media sharing
  • Different OS capabilities
  • User feedback

Modify App

You have an application about your business, if it will not running smoothly and having some other issues to your application, our team can fix the bugs in your application and make it clean and bugs free. We will provide much usability as possible without an internet connection.  We will modify your app so your users can give feedback on your platform. having less keyboard with a more mobile screen is a good experience for your application. Responsive mobile app design is important as having an application for your business. Our team will create an application that will run on every size of the device.


In the end: everyone has smartphones now, and the use of it is continuously increasing. People now use it for their daily work and do the tasks. The good thing about android is that it is an open-source operating system. This means anyone can do change in it if they know what they are doing. At devs beta, we have a team that is experts in their work. They can make an application for you or for business purposes to permute your services and products in front of the world. Or, if you want to modify your application, we can do that in the minimum time possible. Our team can do that anything in android development like custom made applications, game development, social media, media sharing application, and many others. So visit us now to learn more about our services.



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