Web Design and Development | Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and Development | Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and Development | Devs Beta

Devs Beta, a competent and reliable Software firm, is offering Web Design and Development services.


Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites:

We will provide you with a responsive and mobile-friendly website that will help you target a wider audience. More than 66% of devices connected to the internet are mobile devices. If a website is not mobile-friendly, a considerable portion of internet users will find it to be useless and inconvenient. If you want good traffic to your website and want the visitors to find it more appealing, make it responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Speed Optimized Pages:

Most visitors will close a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to launch. All of our websites are developed, keeping access, and load time in mind. Code and platforms that optimize the website’s speed and reduce load time are used. 

SEO Optimized Websites:

Our software firm will provide you with SEO optimized websites. These websites will rank better and gain more authority in Google’s Algorithm.

Dynamic Websites:

We will provide you with dynamic websites. By employing the use of popular scripting languages like JavaScript, we will give you a website that will change content as you interact with it. Other factors, like the user’s location and language preference, also affect the content of a dynamic website. By using combination scripting (server-side and client-side), we will provide you with a fully dynamic website that will look stylish and work at optimal speed.

E-commerce and Affiliate Website Development:

Our firm also develops e-commerce and affiliate websites. We will design and build e-commerce websites with the following features:

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • User-friendly Navigation and Checkout
  • Integration with popular payment options like PayPal
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Messaging System
  • Offers and Discount Integration
  • A fully secure website
  • Categories
  • Search and Sort 

Depending on your needs, other services like SEO management may also be provided.

WordPress Development:

WordPress websites are faster and cheaper to create. These websites can be easily handled and managed by ordinary users. You don’t need to hire a professional for its administration and management. 

Anyone can create a website in WordPress, but if you want a professional-looking website with your desired features, you need to employ the services of a WordPress developer. Our firm will create a completely customized and personalized website for you. Our WordPress websites will include the following feature:  

  • Easy to Administer and Management
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy Customization
  • SEO Friendly

Laravel Development:

Laravel is an HTTP framework based on the MVC model. It is becoming more and more popular because of the security and functionalities it provides for web development. Laravel-made websites are secure, accurate, and contain a range of features. Our Laravel websites will include the following features:

  • Highly secured website
  • Optimized Loading Speed
  • Complex Features and Functions
  • Integration with Linux based servers

Types of Websites:

We are experienced in designing and developing a range of different websites.

Blogging Websites

Our firm will create a well-designed and easy to browse the blog for you. No matter what niche you are targeting a good design of your blog will help you greatly. 

Corporate/Business Website

The development of Corporate and Business websites is a specialty of our software firm. We will create a responsive and mobile-friendly Corporate and Business website for you. This website will showcase information about all of your services, your staff, and your client reviews. 


We will create an informative website for individuals looking for a platform to teach others on a specific subject. Our firm will create a good-looking and user-friendly educational website for you.   


If you are looking to create an entertainment website with video or audio streaming, we will help you. We will create a website that is fast, easy to manage, and has audio and video integration.


A professional freelancer needs a portfolio website to showcase his talents, services, and skills to his clients and potential customers. We will create a website that will showcase your offerings and will help you gain a higher number of clients.


Devs Beta is offering a vast variety of services in Web Design and Development Area. No matter what type of website a person is looking for he/she will find our services to be useful. For quality websites and top-rate service employ our services. We are also offering you to develop any website with our experts, like an E-commerce site, blogging site, corporate site, educational, entertainment, portfolio, and any that you want for your business or your personal use. We can make your site as you like to have. Also can get the SEO services in any platform like Wordpress, Shopify, social media platforms, and anywhere you want. Visit us now to see the services and the details that we are offering you


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