The 7 best SEO tools to boost your website

The 7 best SEO tools to boost your website

The 7 best SEO tools

The development of the Internet has made it possible for many businesses to be empowered through their presence on the web. One of the ways to be seen by potential customers is to get the top positions in search engines. Hence the importance of knowing the best SEO tools to enhance your website.

Affiliation stores, service companies, private advisors, and even loving counselors want to optimize the SEO of your website. Apart from the technical knowledge necessary to implement good SEO practices, there are utilities that can help you. Continue reading until the end so you can see in detail the 7 best SEO tools to boost your website.

What is SEO and how does it benefit my website?

Before teaching you the tools with which you can improve the SEO of your site, it is necessary to talk about this term. When referring to SEO we are mentioning the acronym in English of "Search Engine Optimization". This translates as Search Engine Optimization.

And that's what it is about, that a website is optimal and attractive to search engines in certain searches. Keywords play an important role in SEO and web positioning metrics.

In addition, other variables such as loading speed, and inbound and outbound web links make a difference. In this sense, there are different tools that help you boost your website.

1.    Keyword Tool

Finding variants of keywords for the niches we address is very useful for beating the competition. You can achieve wonders around SEO if we discover other semantic search options for a given topic. To achieve this, the Keyword Tool is one of the most effective alternatives.

How does Keyword Tool work? You just have to enter their official website and choose the source of semantic variants for a keyword. This tool allows you to choose between the following sources:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • App Store
  • Instagram

You must place the main keyword for which you want to generate more keywords. Instantly a list of alternative keywords to this one is generated, in order of greatest to least amount of searches. With these new keywords, you can enrich your texts and labels to achieve a better positioning of your website.

2. Serpstat


If you are looking for a complete tool, with all SEO functions in one placeSerpstat is the solution. This great utility is an SEO package with a variety of applications to enhance your website. Let's look at some of the most interesting functions:

- Website analysis

Through this function, you can obtain a complete study of your website based on different variables that affect SEO. First, the keywords by which your website has positioned itself in the top 100 of Google are shown.

You can also see the search volume and the cost per click in the Ads campaigns. You can also see the successful distribution of the different pages that your website has.

This diagnosis also shows the competitors that are in the top 100 for the same keywords that you are positioned.

- Keyword analysis

In this utility, you can see the variants of keywords for different terms entered. Also the difficulty of positioning your search and related searches.

You will find a list of websites with the best organic positioning for this search. This information is reflected in the list form and in a graphic mode for better analysis and understanding.

- Backlinks Analysis

In this section, you can find the links that both you and your competition have been managing. This function is very appropriate to look at the links that the competition has solidified. This way you will know what kind of links you should look for to improve the SEO of your website.

It also shows a list of lost links and the date of their disappearance.

- Content Marketing

If you want to see the most searched questions by users in search engines, you can do so in this section. It is enough to enter the keyword you want to study, choose the country and in a few seconds, you will be able to observe the report containing the analyzed keyword.

3. Answer the Public

If we keep talking about the questions people ask in search engines, I would like to highlight the Answerthepublic tool.

Adding a word to the search bar will show you various results in the form of:

  • Questions.
  • Propositions
  • Comparisons

Reports can be viewed in round charts, as well as in listings. And of course, you can take advantage of the option to save the entire file in CSV and work with the data in a calculation table.

This tool is essential if you have the task of creating articles for the blog, and you are looking for an idea for your content. Answering the questions and answering the questions of Internet users is the best thing you can do for your potential clients and your blog readers. And with this tool, you will know what questions are asked!

4. Kwfinder


If it's about getting keywords, Kwfinder is another tool that can be very useful. It incorporates an extraordinary function such as the possibility of seeing the exact volume of searches. Although many other tools show it, this seems to be, according to various analyzes, the most successful one.

This tool is Multilanguage, which greatly facilitates SEO work depending on your region or native language.

5. Ahrefs


In case you are looking for a specialized tool in backlinks, Ahrefs is a great alternative. This tool studies in depth the links that one or more web pages may be receiving. It is also responsible for comparing several websites and determining the best strategy to create links to your project.

What attracts most is its precise statistics. They include:

  • Current links.
  • Loss of links.
  • Dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Percentage distribution by geolocated domains.
  • Anchor words.

Another of the functions that Ahrefs incorporates in a striking and useful way is the link fins. You will be notified when one of your websites or those of the competition receives a new effective link.

6. Similar Web

If you need to measure the traffic of a web page, a Similar Web is a perfect tool for this.

By entering the domain in your search bar, it offers you the following information:

  • The total number of visits according to the previous month.
  • Traffic evolution of the last 6 months.
  • Traffic by countries, to see from which countries people are reading us.
  • Where does the traffic come from (organic or paid results, social networks, videos on YouTube, etc.)?

I like to use the extension of this tool, which I think is very comfortable when doing a quick and efficient analysis of a web page or a blog.

7. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is the most complete free tool in terms of analyzing a website's metrics. You can access it through your Google account and add the websites you want to monitor.

For Google to recognize the website as your property, you will always be asked to place a code in the header of your page.

This tool will keep you updated and aware of the following information:

  • Important news: Eventually you can receive news related to a Google penalty or a technical problem. This will be done through your Google email, and you will be told the origin of the problems. You will also be shown options to solve them.
  • Sitemap management: Google Search Console is responsible for facilitating the tracking of your website through the sitemaps. To do this you must enter your sitemap and that Google takes into account the indexing of the different pages of your website.
  • Tracking Errors: It offers you a complete report of possible errors or tracking errors present on your website.
  • Search analysis: It is very useful to know why keywords people are finding our website on Google. This function allows you that, and also tells you the percentage of CTR you have obtained for those searches individually.


So far our guide on the 7 best SEO tools to boost your website is impressed by this source. It is advisable to use the one that best suits your needs, or combine the potential of several of them to achieve exceptional results. Try them and tell us your experience, if you liked the post, share it on your social networks! and don't forget to look at web development and SEO article.


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